Looking for CorelCAD 2015?

CorelCAD 2023 is now the newest version available

Check out the updated features of CorelCAD since the launch of CorelCAD 2015. New features like patterns along paths, trimming options, centerline construction, and more, along with updated hardware support and an easy to use interface, this latest version of CorelCAD aims to impress.

Top reasons to upgrade from CorelCAD 2015

  1. NEW! Drawing Compare Palette
  2. Enhanced Pattern Command
  3. Convert Dynamic Blocks to Custom Blocks
  4. NEW! Associative Patterns
  5. ENHANCED! Seamless AutoCAD Compatibility

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Learn how to efficiently use the CorelCAD interface, menu options, toolbar and specific features with these step-by-step tutorials.
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Case Studies

Read about Corel users from around the world using our CAD software to produce a variety of 2D drafting and 3D design projects.
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See our popular CorelCAD features in action! Join a live or recorded webinar session to learn more about 2D drafting and 3D design.
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Resources for CorelCAD 2015

If you’re still using CorelCAD 2015 and need some assistance with your product, here are some helpful links:

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