CorelCAD 2015.5 Update

This Update includes the following improvements and enhancements:

New and enhanced features

  • Drawing Constraints functionality is now also available in CorelCAD 2015.5 on Mac OS X

Performance and stability

The following areas feature performance and stability improvements:


  • Improved performance of ATTACHDRAWING command for AEC objects file
  • POWERTRIM command: improved functionality to trim edges of polylines
  • SPLIT command behavior improved for 2D polylines

Text / Annotations

  • Japanese text input/ editing: In-place text editor stability improved when modifying text height via properties toolbar


  • Improved Print functionality with certain printer devices

File Import / Export

  • TIFF export: Image quality improved

General / Miscellaneous

  • Improved menu display when application window is resized
  • Improved performance of the CLIPBOARDCOPY command for gradients
  • Enhanced display of selected sheet tabs
  • Crosshair cursor related display problem solved
  • Display problem related to diameter dimension symbols solved
  • Windows version only:
    • Improved display quality of pasted OLE data when zoomed in
    • Improved performance for editing pasted OLE data in Microsoft Word
  • Mac OS X version only: Problems related to fixed or docked UI mode style resolved