CorelCAD 2023 Update – Release Notes


This update includes the following enhancements and improvements.

New and Enhanced Features

  • New FLATTEN command: the new tool is helpful to set the Z coordinate to 0 for selected objects.
  • Enhanced non-rectangular viewports: Users can now edit the viewport geometry using grips or the Properties palette. Also, the application now supports commands like stretch, rotate or trim for non-rectangular viewports.
  • Enhanced Data Link Manager: With latest improvements the EXTRACTDATA command supports linking to external spreadsheets.
  • Drawing and modifying objects: A new command MEASUREGEOMETRY is now available to measure the geometric dimensions of objects.
  • CorelCAD 2023.5 is compatible with macOS Ventura (13).

Performance and Stability

CorelCAD 2023.5 also includes performance and stability fixes for several customer-reported issues. Improvements have been made across many functional areas, including the following features:

  • Match Properties
  • DataLink
  • Print and Print preview (incl. BatchPrint, Cut Geometry, printer specific improvements, mirrored output to DWF)
  • Viewport with Annotation scales
  • Graphics window (rendering, cursor handling, caching)
  • Object snap (ESnap), Zoom and Pan performance
  • Dimension Style and color boxes UI
  • Data extraction
  • Notes & Tables
  • View, LayerMerge, XRef palette, Hyperlinks, Hatch, Design Resources, Spline, Scale commands
  • Drawing constraints
  • Sheet Set Manager
  • Drawing Compare
  • Block Editor
  • Ribbon UI (Windows) / Styles
  • Export
  • Application launch and exit