CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 Update (Mac) Release notes

Subscriber exclusive update

Available exclusively to subscribers, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021.5 features improved asset management, a streamlined collaboration workflow, direct access to online fonts from within Corel Font Manager, and enhanced Sources docker. Plus, it includes performance and stability fixes for several customer-reported issues.

New and Enhanced Features

  • Access all your local, shared, and Cloud content from the Assets inspector (formerly known as Connect Content inspector) in CorelDRAW. Renamed and enhanced, the Assets docker gives you quick access to all symbol libraries and other files saved and shared to your Cloud folder. Plus, you can view linked symbol libraries, and you can sync them with their source, whether local or online, so that their symbols are always up-to-date.
  • It is now faster and easier to work with Cloud files. Whether you are saving documents to the Cloud, or opening or sharing Cloud documents, you will notice improved speed and performance.
  • A streamlined log-in process lets you sign into the Cloud and the Comments inspector simultaneously by using your Corel account. Any comments you add to a document after sign-in are now identified by your email address in addition to your name. Plus, you can bypass providing credentials altogether to add anonymous comments.
  • Access more than 1000 font families from the Google Fonts library directly from Corel Font Manager to use in your designs. Browse, search, and preview those online fonts with ease without having to install them. Download or install the fonts you like so that you can access them from the Font list box in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.
  • View and adjust the properties of variable fonts with Corel Font Manager.
  • Assemble complex projects with ease thanks to the enhanced file support in the Sources inspector in CorelDRAW. Add externally linked CorelDRAW files to your drawings. You can even import Excel Workbook (XLS and XLSX) or Comma-separated values (CSV) files to add linked tables that contain project information.

Performance and Stability

  • SVG files are opened and placed in CorelDRAW with greater accuracy.
  • Documents that contain inside and outside outlines have improved performance and stability.
  • The default tab icon on the rulers has been restored to make it easier to add tabs to paragraph text.
  • Opening files that contain artistic media objects no longer causes CorelDRAW to stop responding.
  • Saving documents that contain page numbers no longer causes CorelDRAW to stop responding.
  • The context menu in the Comments inspector is now more responsive.
  • The symbol tree in the Symbols inspector no longer collapses after importing or deleting a symbol library.
  • The sliders and value fields for adjusting variable font properties appear and function as expected for all fonts.
  • Refresh issues no longer occur when editing text characters using the Shape tool.
  • Resolved comments in documents are excluded from the exported PDF files.
  • Creating a spot color channel in duotone documents using the Channels inspector no longer causes Corel PHOTO-PAINT to stop responding.
  • You can now rename object styles and style sets in the Object Styles inspector.
  • Document elements no longer disappear when previewing rotated pages in imposition layouts.
  • Automatic spell-checking settings are now stored as a workspace setting.

Update 1

Offering fixes for several customer-reported issues, Update 1 will improve your experience with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021.

Performance and Stability

  • Regular text objects now show in the Objects inspector after dimension lines with text are added, with the Dynamic Dimensioning option enabled.
  • Color Management: Enabling the Preserve pure black option no longer causes black object areas to appear transparent.
  • Changing the font of text on a perspective plane no longer causes CorelDRAW to stop responding.
  • Tab controls for paragraph text are now displayed properly on the rulers and function as expected.
  • Dragging a color swatch or an object over a page tab will no longer instantaneously change the page.
  • Fountain fills in objects drawn in perspective are now displayed as expected.
  • Disabling the Antialias bitmaps in enhanced view option now works as expected with black-and-white bitmaps.
  • Improved display performance of monochrome bitmaps